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  • Extractor of damaged...

    Tools for removing screws with damaged head

    Whether you work professionally as an installer or if you like to do small works or repairs in your home, the damaged screw extractor must be one of your essential tools. On many occasions the heads of the screws are worn, damaged ... preventing us from using a daily screwdriver to remove it, so at we put at your disposal an excellent tool for assembly or disassembly that will help you enormously in these occasions.


    Here you can find extractors or sets of high quality screw extractors that you can use together with an everyday chuck or a standard holder. This type of tool allows to extract different types of screws from different manufacturers in a very short time and in an extremely comfortable and easy way.


    Do not hesitate, and get done with your set of damaged screw extractors and work in a fluid and efficient way, without having to stop to extract screws in bad conditions.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 14 items