Espátula de nylon con inserciones magnéticas


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La única espátula del mercado con dos potentes imanes que permiten usarlo de posicionador de vinilos sobre chapas y como espátula de aplicación de vinilos.

Existe como accesorio un rollo de fieltro adhesivo para proteger los cantos para evitar el rayado de los vinilos en aplicación directa.

Use la espátula para mantener la gráfica en su sitio, evite usar cinta adhesiva o costosos imánes.

The magnet scraper's material composition and softness make it a fantastic tool for installing solar films.

Use la espátula magnetica para mantener y marcar la posición de aplicación sobre la chapa del vehículo.The magnetscraper also reduces bubbles upon substantial installations.
Use 1,2 o más espátulas magneticas para mantener la gráfica por su centro antes de cortar el soporte del adhesivo.Use the magnetscraper to install printing and packaging items with self-adhesive felts that are mounted.
Use la espátula magnetica para sujetar la cinta trasnportadora mientras corta el soporte de papel.When using the Rolls Roller, the perfect placement is along the edge oft he table, so it isn’t in the way on the table’s surface when the Rolls Roller is in use – as it’s easy to load down and place along the side of the table.
Use la espátula magnetica para sujetar el cutter mientras mide o aprieta el vinilo.Common scrapers and tape will always cost money, (scraper + continual use of tape). With the magnet scraper this isn’t the case, because after approx. 10-15 decals, it’s paid for itself, as there aren’t any continual costs for tape.

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Information about magneticscraper

The 6 magnet scrapers shouldn’t be compared with 6 ordinary scrapers. This is the story of a System that creates a worktable on the car, which together makes work easier, makes it more enjoyable and gives it a better flow (ordinary scrapers are called "scrapers" because they CAN only scrape).).

It can be tempting to compare the magnet scraper to an ordinary scraper – it is incorrect no matter how many common scrapers and loose magnets one has, it just isn’t the System.


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Espátula de nylon con inserciones magnéticas

9,60 €
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