X-out damaged screw remover set

Drill Bit Size: #6-8, #8-12, #12-14

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Quickly and easily removes fasteners with damaged screw heads.

Designed to be used with standard 3/8” or larger power drill/drivers.

Unique design plows into the screw and turns it out in one operation.

No drilling required.

Works with many screw types including Phillips, Torx, Robertson, One-way, etc.

Includes three different sizes and molded storage case.


Operating Instructions:

1. Chuck the X-OUT into a standard 3/8 inch variable speed power drill, set for reverse mode. For faster results use a standard 1/4 quick bit holder (not provided).

2. Place the tip of the X-OUT onto the center of the damaged fastener. Apply firm pressure in the direction of the damaged screw or fastener. Power the drill to the lowest level possible. Maintain a firm pressure towards the screw or fastener. The screw will begin to turn out.

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X-out damaged screw remover set

Drill Bit Size: #6-8, #8-12, #12-14

9,43 €
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