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The Rotary Module has a controlled, decagonal, tangential knife and is capable of cutting all kinds of thin materials. The main focus, however, is on textiles because most fibers are difficult to cut with other knife types. After each job, dust is removed from the knife with compressed air.

In general, the vacuum table has less grip on textiles. However, the Rotary Knife produces minimal horizontal forces, ensuring the material stays in place. The module requires compressed air. Requirements are the same as for the Pneumatic Pack and Conveyor System.

The module allocates slots 2 and 3 of the head, similar to the Routing Module. Slot 1 remains free for another tool. The module can be dismounted easily, making two slots available again to mount other tools, if necessary. Initial installation requires no assembling or wiring. The module is

Materials for use:
  • Fleece
  • Felt
  • Packaging Foam
  • Foam <= 5 mm
  • Synthetic Textiles
  • Technical Textiles
Wheel Knives:
  • [500-9860] Wheel Knife D25
    Max cutting thickness - 1.5 mm
  • [500-9861] Wheel Knife D28
    Max cutting thickness - 3 mm
  • [500-9862] Wheel Knife D32
    Max cutting thickness - 5 mm


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7.984,00 €
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