SignLab Version 10 DesignPro


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SignLab DesignPro

A complete stand-alone, signmaking-specific design station. Great for existing SignLab users if you want to add a design-only workstation to your shop or for signmakers currently using other software that may not be sign-specific.SignLab DesignProAll of the bitmap/vector tools you need to create high-value,quality signage.Bring files from DesignPro into full-fledged SignLab packagesthat output to vinyl cutters or digital printers. Signmakers who don’t use SignLab but may be using RIP-only software to send jobs to their digital printers or print/cut devices, are able to leverage the design power within this package by simply exporting the completed file directly to their software RIP and then print or printing and cutting the file. SignLab DesignPro is loaded with all the text composition, design and layout tools you need in a single easy-to-use package.

Key Benefits:

  • Expand. Add a second design station at a fraction of the cost
    Existing SignLab customers can be even more efficient by adding SignLab DesignPro to their shops. Use a second design station either at the shop, at home or even on a laptop at customer locations to create designs. Save them and then send them to your full production SignLab workstation or even to production stations using other output software products.
  • Bitmap and vector design tools in a single package
    Many design-only software packages include features that specialize in either bitmap or vector design. As a result, if these types of software packages are being used, in many cases files need to be exported then imported between these applications. Hardly a seamless workflow and also requires a great deal of knowledge of multiple software packages. SignLab DesignPro recognizes that most large format signage and graphics are a combination of both vector and bitmap elements and has a complete tool-set for both.
  • Design software that is sign-specific
    Using desktop publishing software products to create large format signs and graphics? Why? For the same price (maybe less), SignLab Designer provides you with design and production tools that are specifically suited to your final output. Why use workarounds to achieve similar but likely sub-standard results? SignLab DesignPro is the professional Signmakers choice.

Ideal for:

SignLab DesignPro is a robust vector and bitmap design station that includes high-end design and special effects features as well as a multitude of tools that make all types of sign design quick and easy. It can be used by signmakers who would rather use a sign-specific design package to create signs and then send them to RIP software or third party vinyl cut programs. It is also perfect for existing SignLab customers who simply want to have a secondary design station.

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SignLab Version 10 DesignPro

595,00 €
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